A partner, speaking about Multiply, once remarked:

“It’s refreshing to know that big business like ours can support a company with a purpose, while still receiving huge benefit from the services provided. Your great attitudes and charitable work are icing on the cake.”

That comment meant a great deal to us, but it also gave us insight into something important, which is this:

Our partner was thrilled with the service we offered them. Taking over their hardware disposition was a game changer in their ability to function. Our system’s consistency and convenience turned out to be a bigger value than even anticipated. To use our partner’s metaphor, the service we provided was the cake.

The fact that we enthusiastically approached the opportunity to take their outbound machines and put them in the hands of people who are champions, advocates, educators, inspirers, learners and leaders…that was the icing.

This is where the thunderous moment of realization occurred for us.

We know that your cake is great service that provides value through relieving the burden of time spent, space lost and resources wasted. And we can do that for you, every time. We can get you the cake.

We just wanted you to know the reason we can and do, with great enthusiasm, deliver the best.

For us, being able to restore purpose to what was wasted in end-of-life machines, and for that purpose to be something we believe in, which we think matters…well… That’s not just the icing. It’s the whole thing!

It’s the engine behind everything we do here at Multiply, this philosophy of Multiply the Good. It’s a perspective that focuses not just on problems, but solutions. Not on what’s wrong, but what’s right. Increasing that good not just to an expected minimum, but by multiples. And because we have a culture of consistency, Multiply the Good is the metric for success in every interaction we have. From partners to our community, to causes that matter. It means individuals, internal team members, and even in our stewardship of resources. Thinking this way turns the ordinary into an opportunity to add value and multiply the good.

The reason is the icing. It’s why we bake the cake in the first place. Cake is good. Cake with icing is good, multiplied. Because after all, without icing, why bake cake at all?