Janet Schwind
Janet Schwind

“My friends are very impressed that I’m working in technology,” Janet says, proudly pairing her IT sweatshirt with a flippy skirt and suede boots. “They think it’s amazing because they’re all a bunch of non-techy artists like me.”

As part of our hands-on hardware life-cycle team, she must communicate instructions and expectations to users clearly, then functionally deliver on her promises, handing a user back their updated tech calibrated correctly to minimize their downtime and keep them going strong, at the same time alleviating their fears and concerns over the process of switching to a new system.

Despite the tall order, Janet shines here, bringing her strengths as a writer and editor to each person she interacts with, disarming their fears and discomfort with humor and ease. Her work ethic, intelligence, and overall humanity shine through with dazzling clarity when you read user reviews. One after another, they all confirm what we knew about Janet. She is amazing. And unexpected.

“I want to be your IT she-ro.”

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