Joseph Sering
Joseph Sering

“Pampadulas,” Joe beams from behind a man-sized stack of unopened Macbooks. “That’s Tagalog dialect [from his homeland Phillipines] translated literally to mean, Make it slippery! Serve the customer, meet their needs, and just make it easy for them to slide into a long-term partnership,” Joe explains.

Part storyteller, part comic relief, Joseph Sering is an inspirational first-generation immigrant who has spent the last 15 years becoming a standout technician, disassembling every electronic device you can imagine for World Wide Tech prior to joining the Multiply team in 2014.

Having spent the last year servicing our largest Fortune 500 company account, Joe manages the hardware lifecycle from unboxing and new-user provisioning to warranty repairs and end-of-life disposition. He makes it all look effortless—and maybe it is to a man who truly carved out his own American dream.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

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