Community Giving For Big Hearts

There are some truly amazing people in the world, doing incredible things. Giving to the community, and inspiring community giving.

Take, for example, a local teacher who has gone above and beyond, dedicating her time to teach kids in underserved areas. Not only does she put in the overtime, she puts in the elbow grease. This local community teacher conducted fundraisers to help pay for school supplies and laptops for her students, turned down other job offers with better pay because her priority was (and still is) making sure these underserved kids received the care they needed, on top of investing her own personal funds. Wow. It’s stories like these that are the fuel to our fire. And it got us thinking…

What if every person who wanted to give back could have the technology to multiply that difference as much as possible? What about those amazing people who are giving so much, who end up putting their own desires and needs on the back burner? Who takes care of them?

These leaders and givers have inspired us, and we want to do something about it. This year, we are committed to continuing our laptop giveaway by gifting one laptop per month to a deserving person or organization.

Help Us Support Community Giving!

Help us! Do you know of such a person or organization? One who is driven by the giving, who is making a difference and seeks no acclaim? Could that person or organization use a laptop? If so, go ahead and visit our nomination page (link below) and tell us of a candidate (or candidates, the more the merrier!) who has truly moved or inspired you.

We received one such similar nomination about our dedicated teacher in this story. The nominator shared that this educator, “has a passion for education, but is never without technology issues that impede her ability to effectively do her job to her fullest.” We hope that our small contribution may provide her joy, help her facilitate her teaching in the classroom, and assist her in her selfless giving to the local community.

We will be announcing the recipient of the next free laptop on Friday, February 5th. There is no limit to the amount of submissions one can submit, so be sure to name your heroes and spread the word!

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