How We Help Your Business Support Communities

Last week, we discussed the niceties and pitfalls of donating your laptops directly to organizations and individuals that support communities. The complications and work required to prepare your hardware for donation can be time-consuming and counter-productive. However, your heart is still bent on making a positive impact on your local community. How can you overcome this hurdle?

Together, of course. This is where an organization like Multiply can come in to serve you in achieving your goals, and support communities.

We Help You Support Communities by Repurposing Laptops to Do Good

Multiply’s mission is to be the conduit that connects corporations wishing to securely retire their unused hardware with non-profit and educational organizations around the world that are using that hardware to multiply the good.

How, you ask? We have several creative solutions that allow you to enjoy the pros of donating gear. We have a streamlined, reverse logistics process that eliminates your unwanted hardware, indemnifies you of any data liability, securely erases all storage devices and readies them for their next home. At the same time, the cost and undesired side-effects of directly donating your laptops are minimized. Learn about our asset disposition service here.

As much as we can, we try to get these machines into the hands of non-profit and educational organizations. Some of the ways we’ve done that in the past include our Community Champion program and our support of The Iron Yard.

Besides that, we recently connected Interactive Intelligence’s out-of-warranty gear with the needs of CoderDojo Indiana. That’s a lot of computers for a TechPoint Foundation for Youth program that provides free, volunteer-led computer coding clubs for students between seven and 17 years old. Read more about this success story here.

Giving is good. It’s uplifting and warms the heart. Don’t let anything stop you from giving! Let us know how we can help.