Interns For Indiana Press Release

A press release was issued yesterday by the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at Purdue University, West Lafayette. It describes Multiply’s positive experience with the Interns for Indiana/Interns for Entrepreneurship Program in the summer of 2015, when we hosted Engineering Operations Intern Ashwin Malik for 8 weeks.

Interns For Indiana

Here is a description and overview of the program:

Launched in the Fall of 2005, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the largest multidisciplinary programs in the country. Each semester, over 350 new students enter the program, which serves over 1,500 students through a portfolio of curricular and co-curricular offerings. The Interns for Indiana/Interns for Entrepreneurship Program connects entrepreneurially-minded Purdue University students to Indiana startups and technology companies in order to promote economic development, enhance student success, and provide professional opportunities to high performing students with the goal of keeping them in Indiana after graduation.

We thank the IFI Program for their tireless efforts in developing students for success in the entrepreneurial world of today, and for the opportunity to participate in the Interns for Indiana Program. Multiply is thankful to have received multiple outstanding interns its participation in the program, who have made a lasting impact at our company.

Ashwin is currently our Champion of Technology Outreach (CTO).

Press Release: