Millenials Can’t Time Travel

What do you mean, time travel? If you listened to a Walkman, stayed connected via pager, or know what this sound is, then there’s something that you can do that no millenial can (yet):

Time travel.

Before we roll the clock back ten years, quick: Do you remember your top eight friends from 2006? No? Not to worry, you’ll soon be re-acquainted with them, just as they were ten years ago, perfectly preserved like a mummy in an ancient tomb.

Now for the time travel. Open your favorite browser, type in “” and enter your unique URL. The one you created when the internet was young and screen names were designed for anonymity rather than notoriety. It was probably something like Bsktballfan56732 or Twinkles18. These days, you may not always remember your first born’s name, but I bet you remember how to access your Myspace page. You’ll soon be immersed in a time gone by. Glitter fairies, personal surveys, Mafia Wars, Top 8 and everyone’s friend Tom.

Revisiting old technology and websites like MySpace is almost like time travel.

Myspace holds a special place for me, because it is where I met my wife. Which is why, after discovering that Myspace still existed, and further, that our profiles still existed, I journeyed through pictures of us as we met, dated, our early motorcycle travels, our engagement, and eventual wedding. I was able to wipe away the digital dust from one of my wife’s early albums, playing through songs I’d forgotten were even saved. I had to share some of the memories with her, so I opened up Windows Live Messenger (yet another relic of an age gone by) and sent her an IM with a link to a photo of us.

Instantly, from her seat at the coffee shop, she too was transported back to other times and other places, full of the ghosts of old friends, whose little thumbnail images marked a road through ideas, projects, and events, long since forgotten. As she warped along, lost in time, someone from a neighboring table came over. “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, I didn’t mean to look over your shoulder,” he said, clearly mesmerized by the time traveling, “But what is that beautiful website you’re on? It’s so cool!”

The words had barely left his mouth when it hit him:

“Oh. Wait. No way. That’s MYSPACE!?”

My wife reports that she’s pretty sure he was too young to know it by anything more than legend. Maybe he knew it the same way we all know that once, people used the telegraph. He seemed impressed, all the same.

So, if you’re old enough to remember AOL and AskJeeves, take a moment for a stroll back in time. Grin at the young, incredibly talented Millennials in the office and be proud that you, my friend (likely not Top 8), can time travel. They will too, someday. The immortal Facebook will likely someday just be a vehicle with which they visit their past (So perhaps the moral is: Create a past you’ll be proud of). While you’re out and about, swing over and follow Tom; He’s retired now and probably would enjoy your company.