The Multiply Relationship Manifesto

What’s a relationship manifesto? Well..

Have you ever been inspired by someone or something? A cause worth getting behind? A person worth supporting? What moved you to action? Think about it…

Was it WHAT they were doing? Was it HOW they were doing it? Was it WHY they were doing it?

I had a chance to speak with a couple of guys from a couple of days ago and took away some pretty cool thoughts. Those thoughts culminated into our version of a relationship (our word for sales) manifesto. Inspired by the Head of Relationships for, Conner Burt, and his Sales Manifesto from last summer, we thought it would be helpful to have something similar to rally behind as we work to #LIFT Multiply in 2016. The LIFT word of the year has many meanings for Multiply; perhaps most importantly for our family is that we will use #LIFT to keep each other fueled and aflame as we try to change the world one computer at a time. I think CEO, Max Yoder, put it very well when he said, “You need people around you to say get up when you don’t believe in yourself anymore.” We are a family at Multiply and believing in each other when we do not believe in ourselves is what #LIFT is all about. Inspiring action through belief in one other and Starting with Why (thank you Simon Sinek) is our foundation.

What follows is a brief look under the hood at our WHY followed by our HOW and WHAT (in that order) all relating specifically to our Team of Relationships. Each new member that joins Multiply will see (through the decisions we make & actions we take as a company) and hear these pillars in some form or another. My hope is that these pillars can serve as a catalyst to stir each of us to think differently, treat people well & Multiply the Good. Whether one of our family member’s title shows it or not, we are all on this Team of Relationships together and look forward to serving as many people & organizations as we can. It’s more than a sales pitch; it’s a relationship manifesto.


The Relationship Manifesto


Fellow X’er,

Welcome to the Team of Relationships. Are you ready to #LIFT?

The task ahead of us may seem heavy. It may seem downright daunting. The fact is, sales is tough stuff! I am not about to discount that (especially since I am an introvert!). If you were to ask anybody that has been in this position before or look it up online (or in a textbook for those who enjoy the pages in their fingertips), most would claim that sales is the #1 challenge of a startup. It is also the “life-blood” of any organization…okay, blood makes me nauseous and stressed out so we just went to another level on the scare-ometer!

Challenge accepted.

What I will say is that we can do it! And we can do it differently! We believe a few things here at Multiply that you probably already know:


We believe we can be the conduit that connects innovative, large Midwest corporations with out-of-warranty hardware to organizations with tight technology budgets worldwide. WHY? Because we believe we can make a difference in this world using computers as a vehicle to do so. WHY? Because we believe leaving a meaningful legacy is what it’s all about. Building intentional relationships, serving one another in love. Being good friends who love deeply; who keep each other fueled and aflame. Making something better than we found it. Restoration. Multiplying the Good!


It takes guts. It takes enthusiasm. It takes rigorous planning, lots of testing, some failure in those tests and loads of learning along the way. It takes energy, optimism & teamwork.

Perhaps most importantly, it takes relationships. Not relationships built on shallow sand, rather relationships built upon a solid foundation of trust. A family where trust permeates throughout. Every position is important. Every position has their own sets of challenges, a burden shared by the whole. Every position has a specific purpose to achieve the intended result. Every position takes guts, enthusiasm & energy. Every position is connected by a relationship.

Guess what. We have all this stuff! We have a team that is eager to jump in and serve, hungry to learn and downright wicked smart! I am so honored to work shoulder to shoulder with each and every one of you guys. Our team is on the launchpad and ready to #LIFT!


It is our job (Team of Relationships) to connect wonderful people and companies to the Multiply mission, help them understand the WHY behind our mission, the HOW we are going to get there and the WHAT we do to passionately come alongside. The delivery may be adjusted but the priorities at heart stay the same. Always. Consistency is key.

Sales is tough and flying is scary. There are a lot of unknowns and we may have to learn as we go sometimes. But as Kobi Yamada puts it, “Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” Together I think we can #LIFT something fierce. Let’s change the world together. Let’s take the leap.

We give You our plans and ask that we would walk in You as we serve this world with our gifts. Amen.