We Believe in Multiplying the Good

Here are ways we’ve done this successfully for leaders like you and teams like yours.

We see that teams often function better if the space currently occupied by unused hardware was suddenly free. Is this the case for you?

This was the case for an international client in the healthcare sector, who hemorrhaged dollars in unusable space every month, due to the accumulation of hardware. They reclaimed their lost space and stopped unnecessary spending when we were able to pick up their hardware regularly, at times which were convenient for them.

Would you be better off knowing piles of hard drives and data liabilities weren’t sitting vulnerable in your business? 

From pick-up to reinvestment in the community, our priority is following the highest guidelines of security. Because of this we’re able to offer you full indemnification for your liabilities. Key elements include full chain-of-custody tracking, and serialized reporting. Our data sanitization process uses the same protocol as the U.S. Department of Defense. You can rest assured that any sensitive data on your old IT assets is handled securely.

Would your department or company budget be improved by our Show Up, Pick Up, Pay Up™ model?

This is our “it” factor. Unlike our competitors, who use the commonly offered consignment model, we have created an innovative method that completely restructures the asset disposition process. We can save you money, while you make money.

Key elements

We Show Up, Pick Up, Pay Up™ with no grading and no hassles

A simple, consistent process, designed with your convenience in mind. We buy your retiring technology and end-of-life hardware as-is, for one flat rate. No more packing and shipping machines to disposition centers just to be subject to an arbitrary grading system that may or may not end in your favor. No more waiting to receive your return on disposition. We’re there when you need us, to handle the unglamorous elements of keeping your business running smoothly.

Full compliance with leading industry security standards…

…From the moment we take possession of the machines, until they’re re-deployed for their next use, through detailed, consistent measures like single chain-of-custody handling, serialized reporting and Department of Defense level storage drive sanitization. Fulfilling your asset retirement obligations and letting your IT departments rest easy.

Confidence in moving forward

Your data is handled securely and your risk is mitigated by full indemnification of data liabilities.

Satisfaction in the value-building outcome of our partnership

Be a Multiplier of Good through our partnership, a relationship that results in placing repurposed technology in the hands of nonprofits, local businesses, and schools. We do this first in and around our community, and then in developing and high-risk areas around the world.

Our Method

Show Up, Pick Up, Pay Up™

1. We buy your old technology for one flat rate as-is. No grading, no hassle.

2. We pick up your old technology at a time that is convenient for you. You decide.

3. We hand you a check.

4. We give you custody tracking and serialized reporting on all of your old machines so you can ensure the security of your old company data. Plus, you are relieved of all liability. We take that when we take your machines.

Our process eliminates the following:

1. The expense of time in packing and shipping hardware to a facility for grading.

2. Being subject to an arbitrary grading system that may not end in your favor.

3. Losing control of your physical assets which increases risk on several levels.

4. Having to wait substantial periods of time before your money ever returns to your budget’s bottom line.

Secure Logistics & Transport

From the moment we take possession of your out-of-use hardware, data liability is no longer your problem. Our process is quick and controlled, limiting the inconvenience of on-premise interruption. We focus on your security and our regulatory compliance using these key measures:

‣ Transportation via our fleet, never a third party.

‣ Chain-of-custody tracked data removal process.

‣ Serialized reporting available for every machine.

‣ Full indemnification to you as part of our contract.


When you need transparent, accessible follow-up reporting, it’s there. We are able to provide:

‣ Final destination information, showing where we placed each machine.

‣ Sanitization confirmation and hash key.

‣ Serialized reporting of drive shreds via our certified, downstream partners, when storage drives fail sanitation protocol.

Reuse / Repurpose / Redeploy

We consider every client we partner with our ally in the mission of leave it better.

When you partner with us, your hardware is processed securely so that it can continue to serve a valuable purpose for the rest of its useful life.

We take great pleasure in extending the useful lifespan of machines, knowing that our aim is to intentionally channel them into the hands of those that need them most. Our refurbishment process restores each machine as closely to an Out-of-Box experience as possible. Having directed these machines to benefit students, educators, low-income job seekers, small businesses and nonprofits, we are proud of our uses for your hardware and feel that they leave not only people, but the environment better off. Asset disposal that benefits everybody.

When needed, responsible recycling

Our focus is directed towards 3-5 year old technology and repurposing as close to 100% of the units as possible. As a by-product of our services, sometimes our clients simply have hardware that is not redeployable. When this happens, we have downstream recycling partners that are both e-stewards and R2 certified.

Employee purchase programs

We provide significant discounts to your employees who are interested in buying a computer for their personal use. Once machines go through our Reuse and Redeployment process, your team is able to purchase them through our website for far less than listed retail value using the discount codes unique to your company.

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